About Us


Bohra Pantry aims at providing a platform to introduce Bohra Cuisine to the world, one product at a time.

Food takes center stage in the Bohra way of life. Dal Chawal Palidu which feels like home or the varieties of aromatic Biryanis. Scrumptious Pulao and Sarki or the evergreen Kaari Chawal. A bowl of Khichda bursting with flavor or Paaya of which you can never have enough!

We have launched a collection of authentic spices for the Bohra cuisine. We take pride in our products and our masalas are each made with its unique proportion of ingredients and a lot of love.

We are based in Houston, Texas and are working on spreading our products (and the love) globally.


The Bohra cuisine has evolved over the years adapting to cultural influences from around the world. Their early settlement in Gujarat has led to major Gujarati influences in the cuisine. It draws from the Middle Eastern and Arabic palates too. This divine cuisine is a mouthwatering fare for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
Their distinctive and delectable cooking style is coupled with certain customary ways in which the food is served. A unique tradition of eating together in a thaal. The Thaal is large round metal plate around which the entire family sits, they even help themselves from the same dish, reflecting unity and equality. The thaal sits on a metal or wooden stand called a kundali or tarakti. The Kundali is placed on a square cloth laid on the floor called a safra.
Meals start and end with eating a few grains of salt, typically served by the youngest member on the thaal and taken first by the oldest member. It is believed to clear the taste buds and cure many diseases. Another absolutely unusual custom is to start with a dessert! The dessert is followed appetizers and then a full course meal is served. Each course alternates between sweet and savory.
There is a lot to be said about the absolutely delicious out-of-the-world cuisine. We urge you to get on board and take a peek into this wonderful culinary world!


  • Dawoodi Bohras are the Fatimid sub-sect of Shia Islam and are primarily based in India. Over the years, the community settled largely across Asia and Africa, holding on to their culture and roots. Today, they are widely spread across the globe through Europe and America.
  • They are affluent and educated and are known for their association with business/trade. They have a distinct dress code and stand apart among the crowd. Men don the traditional Bohra cap and women, a typical Bohra style hijab called a Rida.